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Our innovative technology simplifies the discovery process

Cloud-based eDiscovery review! - FREE TRIAL - Try our processing & review services.
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The Award Winning Cloud-Based eDiscovery Review & Hosting Software - Simple Pricing
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Cloud-Based eDiscovery hosting! - FREE TRIAL - Try our review & hosting services with no obligation.
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FirstPass® Early Case Assessment Tool - Lowering Electronic Discovery Cost & Risk for You!
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See Who Uses CloudNine - Discovery Services for Law Firms, Corporate Counsels and Companies
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Collect, Process & Review: Simplify Your Review™ - Worry-Free and Award Winning Cloud-Based eDiscovery Software & Services

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OnDemand® eDiscovery

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eDiscovery Review Made Easy - Collect, Process & Review with OnDemand® eDiscovery Software

Since 2002, CloudNine Discovery (formerly Trial Solutions) has been simplifying the electronic discovery process through innovative technology and services. The Company supports clients throughout the eDiscovery life cycle, providing professional services consulting, early case and data assessment, computer forensic investigation, Electronic Discovery processing and Cloud-based eDiscovery review software platforms.

OnDemand®, the leader in self-service, online eDiscovery review, is an easy-to-use online review application delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) to our clients. With OnDemand, you can do it yourself, by loading your own data with SelfLoader™, adding your own fields, adding your own users and setting their rights. OnDemand is cloud-based and delivered via the Internet with no long term software license and maintenance fees, no setup fees, no user fees and no hardware to purchase or manage. OnDemand has an easy-to-use and intuitive point and click browser-based interface. OnDemand uses multiple layers of military-grade security (including a Tier IV Data Center) to provide the highest levels of protection from unauthorized access and potential threats to your data. OnDemand simplifies the discovery process through innovative technology. Learn more about OnDemand Electronic Discovery Review Software.

Simplify Your Discovery™ with CloudNine

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Client Testimonials

"A sudden change in our matter forced us to conduct depo-prep review for two key custodians over a weekend instead of the original month time frame that was expected. Using their FirstPass early case assessment software, CloudNine Discovery helped us cull out 75% of the collection as non-responsive, enabling our ediscovery review team to focus review on the remaining 25% of potentially responsive files. CloudNine Discovery also provided training and support throughout the weekend to enable our review team to quickly "tag" each file using OnDemand® as to responsiveness and privilege to enable us to meet our goal of identifying the key files to review with each of the deponents starting the next day. We were pleased with the diligent efforts that CloudNine Discovery was able to provide to our client in such short notice and will definitely do future business with your company."
- Megan Moore, Attorney (Steele Sturm, PLLC)
"We had an excellent experience with CloudNine Discovery. Their OnDemand review review software was great and provided a cost-effective and powerful tool for our eDiscovery needs. The CloudNine Discovery team's professional demeanor, services and technical insights made the process much easier for me and others who worked on the case. CloudNine Discovery made our priorities their priorities. I would recommend them to any law firm without reservation."
- Lane Thompson, Attorney (Liles Parker)
"I have had the experience to work with a number of other databases, both online and in-house. OnDemand® is by far the easiest software I have worked with in my career. The intuitive interface allowed me to begin my document review in less than 45 minutes. I would recommend OnDemand® to anyone that is searching for a hosted solution for their ediscovery document review"
- Kevin Mekler, Attorney (Zimmet, Unice, Salzman & Heyman, P.A.)
"OnDemand's® web repository service is simple to use, but not at the risk of providing the necessary litigation tools. In fact, it provides me exactly what I need to litigate complex class action cases. Moreover, it's a quality product that is extremely economical when compared to other similar alternatives."
- Scott E. Poynter, Attorney (Emerson Poynter LLP)