HOUSTON, TX – September 20, 2010 – Trial Solutions, a leading eDiscovery software and services company located in Houston, TX, today introduced eDiscovery Daily as a new blog that is intended to provide eDiscovery news, analysis and educational tips to professionals affected by eDiscovery issues. To access the blog, go to http://www.ediscoverydaily.com/.

As the name implies, eDiscovery Daily is a daily eDiscovery blog that strives to provide useful information and stimulate discussion related to eDiscovery on a daily basis. eDiscovery Daily has two highly experienced coordinators managing the content. Brad Jenkins, President and CEO of Trial Solutions, has over 20 years of experience leading customer focused companies in the litigation support arena. Brad has authored many articles on litigation support issues, and has spoken before national audiences on document management practices and solutions. Doug Austin, Professional Services Manager for Trial Solutions, has over 20 years experience providing legal technology consulting and technical project management services to numerous commercial and government clients. Doug has also authored several articles on eDiscovery best practices.

Trial Solutions also has an experienced team in house and a network of over 100 partner providers around the country – a large breadth of resources to assist in providing relevant, useful eDiscovery information. Through that extensive partner network, Trial Solutions expects to be able to provide a collection of perspectives and knowledge to eDiscovery Daily that is unique in the eDiscovery blog world.

“eDiscovery news happens every day, so we decided to provide and discuss news and analysis on a daily basis”, said Brad Jenkins, President and CEO of Trial Solutions. “Our goal is to provide daily useful information to professionals affected by eDiscovery and to promote discussion of those issues to better educate the eDiscovery community as a whole.”

“Because every case is unique, we believe that there is an enormous amount of untapped information related to eDiscovery issues”, said Doug Austin, Professional Services Manager of Trial Solutions. “Each day, we will be encouraging our readers to share their perspectives and experiences as well as to contribute their own topics.”

About Trial Solutions

Trial Solutions, an electronic discovery software and services company, assists corporations and law firms in the collection, processing and review of electronic data. Trial Solutions created OnDemand® software (previously known as ImageDepot™), an online e-discovery review application to eliminate its clients’ need to purchase software. Trial Solutions offers the use of OnDemand® to its clients via the Internet. Trial Solutions provides litigation support services in over 90 metropolitan areas throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about Trial Solutions, please visit http://www.trialsolutions.net/.



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