Testimonials of our Litigation Support Firm - Putting our clients on Cloud Nine.

Clients & OnDemand® End Users

"A sudden change in our matter forced us to conduct depo-prep review for two key custodians over a weekend instead of the original month time frame that was expected. Using FirstPass, CloudNine Discovery helped us cull out 75% of the collection as non-responsive, enabling our review team to focus review on the remaining 25% of potentially responsive files. CloudNine Discovery also provided training and support throughout the weekend to enable our review team to quickly "tag" each file using OnDemand® as to responsiveness and privilege to enable us to meet our goal of identifying the key files to review with each of the deponents starting the next day. We were pleased with the diligent efforts that CloudNine Discovery was able to provide to our client in such short notice and will definitely do future business with your company."
- Megan Moore, Attorney (Steele Sturm, PLLC)

"We had an excellent experience with CloudNine Discovery.  Their OnDemand technology was great and provided a cost-effective and powerful tool for our eDiscovery needs.  The CloudNine Discovery team's professional demeanor and technical insights made the process much easier for me and others who worked on the case.  CloudNine Discovery made our priorities their priorities.  I would recommend them to any law firm without reservation."
- Lane Thompson, Attorney (Liles Parker)

"I have had the experience to work with a number of other databases, both online and in-house. OnDemand® is by far the easiest software I have worked with in my career. The intuitive interface allowed me to begin my document review in less than 45 minutes. I would recommend OnDemand® to anyone that is searching for a hosted solution for their document review"
- Kevin Mekler, Attorney (Zimmet, Unice, Salzman & Heyman, P.A.)

"OnDemand's® web repository service is simple to use, but not at the risk of providing the necessary litigation tools. In fact, it provides me exactly what I need to litigate complex class action cases. Moreover, it's a quality product that is extremely economical when compared to other similar alternatives."
- Scott E. Poynter, Attorney (Emerson Poynter LLP)

"Had great success with the online review tool and would use it again."
- Amy Davis Benavides, Attorney (Hermes, Sargent Bates, LLP)

"I wanted to make you aware of the outstanding service that we have received from your Dallas office. From our very first meeting, they knew to ask all the right questions and made sure they understood our processes and the end result needed, they also offered solutions that we had never been offered by our previous vendor. Our BPO Group is very appreciative of your team's insight, attention to detail, turn around time and professionalism. Due to their outstanding services, we are looking into outsourcing additional services with your company."
- Karen Paris, Executive Administrator (Symphony Services)

"We have found CloudNine Discovery to be an excellent resource for our litigation support needs. Whether we are looking for cost cutting ways to manage discovery documents, or looking for unique ways to present ideas in mediation or trial, we find CloudNine Discovery a valuable resource. They have a clear focus on quality and customer service and I would recommend them to other litigation firms without hesitation."
- Joe Connors, CFO (Fuqua & Keim)

"We found that CloudNine Discovery was very affordable for our client and could give us the much needed support to host the large amount of documents we had for our project. They were very helpful from the beginning to the end. If they didn't know the answer to our questions, they found them out quickly and got right back to us. I would definitely recommend them to anyone for any type of litigation support needed."
- Shanda Andrews, Paralegal (Johnston, Barton, Proctor & Powell)

"I like using the database because it allows me to locate relevant documents quickly and efficiently without reviewing thousands of documents."
- Frieda Randle-Reid, Paralegal (Rathwell & Nizialek, P.C.)

Alliance Partners & OnDemand® Resellers

"OnDemand® has given us a new avenue to help our clients both review and distribute their documents easily and economically. The ease of use makes OnDemand® a pleasure to use for our clients. Our partnership with CloudNine Discovery has been a great benefit to our company. From management to tech support, they have been wonderful to work with. I am excited about every opportunity I have to demonstrate this service to my clients.
- David Scarborough (Pro-Legal Copies, Inc.)

"CloudNine Discovery helps us meet our clients' needs without the expense of maintaining the technology ourselves. Since there were no licensing fees or software to purchase, our clients found it to be a very attractive solution. Because the fee model is based exclusively on hosting and some setup services, it allows our law firm clients to more accurately project their hosting costs, regardless of the number of users or how long they need to retain the data.
- John Hartman, Managing Director (Digital Discovery Solutions)

"The amount of documents and the number of different cities involved in this project was impressive. However, with the support of CloudNine Discovery national litigation service bureau alliance members, we were able to provide a seamless and integrated solution for our client.
- Gary Overman, President (New Jersey Legal)

"We successfully implemented OnDemand® in a large litigation review project of over 1/2 million pages and 20 users. The client needed a hosted solution for attorneys and paralegals, on both the east and west coast, to access and review a large document collection. OnDemand® provided a secure, easy-to-use solution that was implemented in a very short timeline and allowed the attorneys to begin their review immediately."
- Scott King, Sales Manager (WarRoom DSI)

"Your product rocks. I believe this is something the market has needed for some time. As a reseller of another litigation support software we had been looking at their hosted product, but after the OnDemand® demonstration we were convinced OnDemand® was the way to go. The ease of use, and the fact our clients can have as many users as needed for no additional cost, out sells all competitors."
- Doug Lowry, Owner (Professional Legal Copy)

A Representative List of our Clients

Take a look at our list of clients to see just how much experience we have working in the industry. We are very proud of the people we have worked with over the years and feel our client list demonstrates our commitment to working with you and our ability to work on cases of all types.
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