Court Sanctions Plaintiff for Failing to Preserve Customer Communications: eDiscovery Case Law

By: Doug Austin

In Matthew Enterprise, Inc. v. Chrysler Group, LLC, California Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal, in one of his last orders before leaving the bench, determined that there was “no question that spoliation has occurred” and granted the defendant’s motion for sanctions for spoliation, “in its entirety, except for the proposed remedy”, opting for a middle ground between the parties’ proposals on what the remedy should be.

Is Search Still Important in eDiscovery? I Say Yes: eDiscovery Best Practices

By: Doug Austin

With the acceptance of predictive coding and other technology assisted review mechanisms growing over the past few years, some feel that keyword search is no longer important as a “key” (pun intended) component of the eDiscovery process. In a new article published last week, I discussed why search is so important in eDiscovery and why law firms and e-discovery companies need better search solutions.

Court Settles Dispute Between Parties on Number of Custodians to Search and Produce: eDiscovery Case Law

By: Doug Austin

In Family Wireless #1, LLC et. al. v. Automotive Technologies, Inc., Connecticut Magistrate Judge Sarah A. L. Merriam partially granted the plaintiff’s motion to compel the defendant to search and produce ESI from additional custodians, finding that “three of the six proposed custodians' files are likely to include information relevant to this matter, and defendant has not met its burden of showing that inclusion of these three individuals would be unduly burdensome”.

Court Determines Granting Defendant’s Motion to Request Overseas Documents is ‘Futile’: eDiscovery Case Law

By: Doug Austin

In Al-Ameri et. al. v. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland Magistrate Judge Stephanie A. Gallagher denied the defendant’s motion to compel on the basis that compelling the discovery sought would be futile.



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