Court Orders Plaintiff to Re-Review 95% of its Production Classified as “Highly Confidential”: eDiscovery Case Law

By : Doug Austin

In Procaps S.A. v. Patheon Inc., after the plaintiff designated 95% of its forensically-produced documents (141,525 of 148,636) as “highly confidential”, Florida District Judge Jonathan Goodman ordered the plaintiff to re-review and re-designate those documents within ten days, and also assessed a $25,000 fees award against the plaintiff’s outside counsel to compensate the defendant for its efforts in reviewing the documents.

Apple’s Motion to Seal eDiscovery Vendor Invoice Line Items Granted by Court: eDiscovery Case Law

By : Doug Austin

In GPNE Corp. v. Apple, Inc., California District Judge Lucy H. Koh granted the defendant’s motion to file under seal specific line items from third-party e-discovery vendor invoices that were submitted in support of its bill of costs.

Pitfalls Associated with Self-Collection of Data by Custodians: eDiscovery Best Practices

By : Doug Austin

Last week, we covered the Burd v. Ford Motor Co. case where the court granted the plaintiff’s motion for a deposition of a Rule 30(b)(6) witness on the defendant’s search and collection methodology involving self-collection of responsive documents by custodians based on search instructions provided by counsel. In light of that case and a recent client experience of mine, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit this topic that we addressed a couple of years ago.

Should Contract Review Attorneys Receive Overtime Pay?: eDiscovery Trends

By : Doug Austin

Whether they should or not, maybe they can – if they’re found NOT to be practicing law, according to a ruling from the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

This Firm Marked Up Reviewer Billings Over 500 Percent and that’s Not the Worst Part: eDiscovery Trends

By : Doug Austin

Remember when we asked the question whether a blended document review rate of $466 per hour is excessive? Many of you weighed in on that one and that post is still our most viewed of all time. Marking up the billing rate for reviewers over 500 percent may or may not also be unacceptable, depending on who you talk to. But, everyone agrees that billing more hours than you actually worked is a bad thing.

What Time Is It? That is an Important Question When it Comes to Your Document Collection: eDiscovery Best Practices

By : Doug Austin

It may not be game time, but the question of what time it really is has a significant effect on how eDiscovery is handled.

Court Upholds Review of Taxable Costs by Clerk, Awards over $57,000: eDiscovery Case Law

By : Doug Austin

In Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center, Inc. v. Leslea, Colorado District Judge Christine M. Arguello denied the plaintiffs’ motion to review Clerk's Taxing of Costs Under F.R.C.P. 54(D)(1), upholding the award by the Clerk of the Court of $57,873.61 in taxable costs.

Alon Israely, Esq., CISSP of BIA: eDiscovery Trends

By : Doug Austin

Today’s thought leader is Alon Israely. Alon is the Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA) and currently leads the Strategic Partner Program at BIA. Alon has over eighteen years of experience in a variety of advanced computing-related technologies and has consulted with law firms and corporations on a variety of technology issues, including expert witness services related to computer forensics, digital evidence management and data security. Alon is an attorney and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

James D. Zinn, Managing Director of Huron Consulting Group: eDiscovery Trends

By : Doug Austin

Today’s thought leader is James D. Zinn. James is Managing Director of Huron Consulting Group. James is responsible for leading Huron Legal’s technology vision and strategy globally. He directs the practice’s software engineering, information technology, and product management teams. James is responsible for driving innovation by identifying and incubating emerging technologies and technology-driven solutions with relevance to Huron Legal. He has more than twenty years of experience developing and delivering services and solutions to clients.

Brad Jenkins of CloudNine: eDiscovery Trends

By : Doug Austin

Today’s thought leader is Brad Jenkins of CloudNine™. Brad has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, as well as 15 years leading customer focused companies in the litigation support arena. Brad has authored several articles on document management and litigation support issues, and has appeared as a speaker before national audiences on document management practices and solutions. He’s also my boss!

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid – eDiscovery Horrors!

By : Doug Austin

Today is Halloween. Every year at this time, because (after all) we’re an eDiscovery blog, we try to “scare” you with tales of eDiscovery horrors. This is our fifth year of doing so, let’s see how we do this year. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Court Slashes Vendor Bill Filled with Double Billing and Data Recovery Charges – eDiscovery Case Law

By : Doug Austin

In Lanterman and Computer Forensic Services v. Afremov, Minnesota District Judge Philip D. Bush slashed over $700,000 from the plaintiff’s disputed invoices for eDiscovery work performed on behalf of the defendant, leaving an award of just over $103,000 for services rendered.

Survey of Corporate Counsel Finds that there is Much Room for Improvement in Handling eDiscovery – eDiscovery Trends

By : Doug Austin

Yesterday, we discussed a new self-assessment test that enables organizations to measure their eDiscovery “maturity”. Today, we look at a new survey of corporate counsel from BDO Consulting that shows that they feel there is substantial room for improvement when evaluating their organizations' effectiveness in managing eDiscovery.

How Much Will it Cost? – eDiscovery Best Practices

By : Doug Austin

By far, the most important (and, therefore, the most asked) question asked of eDiscovery providers is “How much will it cost?”. Actually, you should be asking a few questions to get that answer – if they are the right questions, you can actually get the answer you seek.

Our 1,000th Post! – eDiscovery Milestones

By : Doug Austin

When we launched nearly four years ago on September 20, 2010, our goal was to be a daily resource for eDiscovery news and analysis. Now, after doing so each business day, I’m happy to announce that today is our 1,000th post on eDiscovery Daily! Check out what we've covered over 1,000 posts!

It’s Friday at 5 and I Need Data Processed to Review this Weekend – eDiscovery Humor

By : Doug Austin

We’ve referenced Ralph Losey’s excellent e-Discovery Team® blog several times before on this blog – it’s a great read and you won’t find a blog that gets more in depth than his does (he has also been gracious enough to participate in our thought leader interview series for the last three years). And, as Ralph has demonstrated before, he has a sense of humor when it comes to electronic discovery.

Other Production Parameters from a Provider’s Point of View – eDiscovery Best Practices

By : Doug Austin

Yesterday, we began to discuss some of the production parameters that CloudNine Discovery collects from our clients in order to ensure that the production includes the correct documents in the required format. But, wait – there’s more! Let’s take a look at some other examples of information we collect from our clients.

Production from a Provider’s Point of View – eDiscovery Best Practices

By : Doug Austin

We sometimes forget that the end goal of the discovery process is production: to produce responsive electronically stored information (ESI) to opposing counsel. But, do you realize how many parameters and potential permutations there can be to the production process? Let’s take a look.

Government Ordered to Maintain Expensive Custom Database Shared with Criminal Defendant – eDiscovery Case Law

By : Doug Austin

In the criminal case of United States v. Shabudin, California Magistrate Judge Nandor J. Vadas ordered the Government to continue to provide access to a Relativity Database used by the parties to review documents produced by the Government, instead of discontinuing access for the defendants several weeks before trial was to begin due to budgetary issues.

Smaller Law Firms Save Big with Cloud-Based eDiscovery – eDiscovery Trends

By : Doug Austin

According to a new article in ABA Journal (Cloud-based e-discovery can mean big savings for smaller firms, written by Joe Dysart), if you are a smaller law firm, it may make more sense to “rent” your eDiscovery applications in the “cloud” rather than bring a full-fledged hardware and software solution in-house.



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