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eDiscovery Professional Profile: Do You Know Amy Bowser-Rollins?

Amy Bowser-Rollins does litigation support work at Robbins Russell – a litigation boutique firm in Washington, DC.  Robbins Russell is a small firm (28 attorneys) that handles big cases.  That presents unique challenges to its litigation technology professionals: they have to handle huge document collections without the army of resources usually found in large firms.

At Robbins Russell, Amy has full responsibility for litigation support and eDiscovery services on the cases she handles. She provides consulting to the litigators, manages data processing and workflow, manages document reviews, establishes and maintains relationships with vendors, manages the efforts of those vendors, and in general assists litigators with all of their litigation technology needs.

Amy’s had a versatile litigation career that has included, training, developing and managing litigation support departments for large firms, consulting, and vendor operations management.  Several years ago, she recognized that she prefers being in the trenches. She enjoys working directly with litigators, rolling up her sleeves, and solving their problems.  She found that opportunity at Robbins Russell in 2009 and has been there since.

Her entrée to legal work was in 1982 with a data word processing company doing work for a law firm. The law firm hired Amy – she worked in billings, as a word processing supervisor, and then as a legal secretary supporting two litigators. In 1996 she accepted a litigation support position at a large firm in Baltimore, Maryland, beginning her career as a litigation technology professional. She built and managed that firm’s first litigation support department.  To round out her experience, Amy worked for a couple of litigation support service providers and an IT consulting organization before joining Robbins Russell.

Amy is a ‘litigation support enthusiast’. She loves the work because it’s so dynamic. She explains “You don’t do the same thing twice in a row. Every matter is different, the technology evolves and changes what you do with data… there’s always something new.”

She is also a ‘people enthusiast’ and has a passion for nurturing and mentoring those less-experienced who have an interest in advancing their litigation support and eDiscovery careers.

Those two passions led Amy to develop and roll out the Litigation Support Guru in 2011. This web site is Amy’s way of giving back to the litigation support community and to educate and nurture individuals interested in a litigation support career.  It provides a blueprint for success for ‘newbies’, and it provides lots of resources for experienced litigation support professionals.  Amy also assists professionals looking to enter the field: she helps with resumes and with job searches.

In addition to her position at Robbins Russell and her Litigation Support Guru work, Amy is also an adjunct professor teaching Legal Technology in the paralegal studies program at Georgetown University. She is also a member of the Litigation Support Managers Caucus (a Washington, DC based group) and has been an active member of WiE (Women in eDiscovery) since ‘the day it was born’.

Amy was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but has lived in the Washington, DC area most of her life. Her father was in the military and the family moved to Maryland when she was in the fourth grade.  Although her family has since moved back to Oklahoma, Amy stayed in the DC area. She is married and has two adult sons, and two dogs that are an important part of her family.

Amy spends her free time in ‘education’ – taking courses to enhance her skills and knowledge or educating and nurturing others. She especially enjoys entrepreneur-centric education programs.

If you’re not familiar with the Litigation Support Guru website, check it out. Connect with Amy and get to know her.

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