Get Ready for ILTACON!: eDiscovery Trends

By: Doug Austin

It’s a rare Saturday post for us as we get ready for ILTACON 2015, the (newly named this year) annual educational conference for the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), which will be at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas this year. It starts tomorrow with several networking events, and begins in earnest on Monday with the first day of sessions. Just a warning, Caesars Palace is not pager friendly! Here are a few resources to help you get ready.

Here’s a New Dataset Option, Thanks to EDRM: eDiscovery Trends

By: Doug Austin

For several years, the Enron data set (converted to Outlook by the EDRM Data Set team back in November of 2010) has been the only viable set of public domain data available for testing and demonstration of eDiscovery processing and review applications. Chances are, if you’ve seen a demo of an eDiscovery application in the last few years, it was using Enron data. Now, the EDRM Data Set team has begun to offer some new dataset options.

eDiscovery Has Gone to the Dogs: eDiscovery Trends

By: Doug Austin

If I had known that yesterday was National Dog Day, I would have posted this then, instead of today, but it’s a great story any day. As reported by ABA Journal, Discover Magazine and NBC News, there is a new type of forensic collection device being used in criminal forensic investigations. His name is Bear and he’s a black Labrador.

If You Play “Tag” Too Often, You Might Find Yourself Playing “Hide and Seek”: eDiscovery Best Practices

By: Doug Austin

If you’ve used any review tool, you’re familiar with the “tag” field to classify documents. Whether classifying documents as responsive, non-responsive, privileged, or applicable to any of a number of issues, you’ve probably used a tag field to simply check a document to indicate that the associated characteristic of the document is “true”. But, if you fall in love with the tag field too much, your database can become unmanageable and you may find yourself playing “hide and seek” to try to find the desired tag.

Got Problems with Your eDiscovery Processes? “SWOT” Them Away: eDiscovery Best Practices

By: Doug Austin

Understanding the internal and external challenges that your organization faces allows it to approach ongoing and future discovery more strategically. A “SWOT” analysis is a tool that can be used to develop that understanding.



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