Whip Me, Beat Me, Call Me Edna: eDiscovery Trends

By: Doug Austin

One of the more interesting sessions at this week’s ACEDS conference was the session EDNA Challenge Part 2, where Tania Mabrey, Craig Ball and Tom O’Connor followed up on Craig’s original challenge from seven years ago (discussed in his paper E-Discovery for Everybody: The EDna Challenge) to conduct eDiscovery in a case on a budget of only $1,000. This time, the challenge was to do so at a cost of $5,000. While that might seem like an easier challenge, data volumes have risen dramatically, so it may be even more of a challenge than it was back then. Let's see.

EDRM Isn’t THE WORD, It’s 300 Pages of Words (Terms): eDiscovery Best Practices

By: Doug Austin

As I fly back home to flooded Houston after an enjoyable and successful ACEDS conference (and try to type this while the guy in front of me insists on reclining his seat), it’s worth noting that other stuff is going on too. One notable item from this week is that EDRM released (or should I say re-released) its Glossary of Terms.

Wednesday ACEDS Conference Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

By: Doug Austin

The ACEDS conference concludes today after kicking off yesterday (and conducting pre-conference seminars the day before). Let’s take a look at today’s sessions.

Welcome to the ACEDS Conference!: eDiscovery Trends

By: Doug Austin

The ACEDS conference informally kicked off yesterday with its pre-conference seminars and I enjoyed “talking shop” (from a blogging perspective) with Rob Robinson, Robin Thompson, Ari Kaplan and Tom O’Connor (among others). Now, that the appetizer is out of the way, let’s move on to the main course!

ACEDS Starts Today! (Sort Of): eDiscovery Trends

By: Doug Austin

As we noted in our “pre-game” look at the ACEDS conference, today is the first day of the conference! Well, tomorrow is actually the first day of the conference, but today ACEDS will be offering three pre-conference seminars that should enable attendees identify better ways to address their cybersecurity needs, learn blogging tips and tricks from experienced bloggers (including me) and prepare for the CEDS exam.



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