Leading Computer Forensics Company in Houston - CloudNine Discovery makes collection and investigation of your eDiscovery forensic data easy.

We have an experienced Houston staff and National expert alliance network of certified eDiscovery forensic investigators and examiners available to assist with the planning, preservation, collection, investigation, analysis, and reporting of electronic stored information (ESI). Whether your project involves document retention, data recovery, eDiscovery, digital analysis or expert testimony, we have the experience to assist.

CloudNine Discovery can provide expert computer forensic investigators across the Legal, IT, and Records Management disciplines to bridge the obstacles of disparate priorities and languages within a client organization. Our computer forensics company serves as a catalyst to create and foster inter-disciplinary teams and collaboration within the organization.

We offer eDiscovery forensic investigators, many whom are former and current law enforcement and members of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) that hold their Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) certification. Many of our digital investigator experts are also members of the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE) and hold their Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) certification.

Our certified computer examiners use the most advanced tools on the market including software from AccessData (Forensic Toolkit - FTK) and Guidance Software (EnCase). Many of our examiners are former law enforcement, and we have certified examiners available in most locations around the county. CloudNine Discovery, through strategic alliances with nationwide computer forensic experts, provides computer forensic examination in Texas and all other major cities across the US.

eDiscovery Forensic Collection & Investigation Experts

We can assist in the preservation, acquisition and investigation of data either remotely or onsite. Our expert professionals are trained to forensically image ESI for most operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Macintosh and AS/400.
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Forensic Computer Examiner

Our forensic examiners can analyze your media in a forensic lab and assist in identifying and recovering deleted files and provide details about computer activity. After the analysis our investigators will provide a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, report about the data on the media. Reports can be customized as needed.
» about our Computer Forensic Examiner Solutions

Mobile Device Forensics

Our forensic experts can collect and analyze data that is stored on your mobile device. Mobile device forensics services are available on all of the mobile and cell phone platforms on the market, including Android, iOS (iPhone or iPad), Windows Phone, Blackberry.
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Expert Testimony Services

CloudNine Discovery has forensic experts that have significant experience serving as expert witnesses.

Backup Tape Restoration

Backup tape restoration, media restoration, tape data recovery.
» about our Backup Tape Restoration Services

Password Recovery

Password recovery, password cracking, decryption and stenography.
» about our Password Recovery/Cracking/Decryption

Records Retention Planning & Meet and Confer Consulting

Enterprise-wide Document Retention Policies and Records Information Management (RIM), is best solved by an internal multi-disciplined team with the assistance of an outside expert. We are an "on-the-ground" resource ensuring that records and information policies and practices are solidly grounded in the real-world business environment. We promote best practices that are tempered with the specific culture, litigation risk, and resources available to the organization.
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