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CloudNine Discovery can provide expert electronic discovery forensic consultants across the Legal, IT, and Records Management disciplines to bridge the obstacles of disparate priorities and languages within a client company that may impact computer forensic collections. We serve as a catalyst to create and foster inter-disciplinary teams and collaboration within the organization.

Complex Data Analytics and Computer Forensic eDiscovery Consulting

Complex data analytics is the process of obtaining and reviewing large volumes of data for searching and sorting to reveal patterns, trends and relationships.

Our data analysis experts understand complex data structures and data mining techniques needed to analyze data from accounting and financial systems. Our methodologies can reveal patterns and trends in journal entries, transactions, payroll records, broker trades and many other types of accounting and finance data. General complex data analysis services:

  • Rapidly analyzing large volumes of data
  • Collect and categorize data for review
  • Trace transactions or trades
  • Provide support for testifying expert

Document Retention Policy Consulting

  • Enterprise Wide Assessment
  • Policy Development
  • Policy Implementation
  • Employee Training
  • Ongoing policy Audits
  • Alignment of IT with the goals of Corporate Counsel

Pre-Litigation Guidance and Consulting

  • Pretrial conference preparation
  • Resource inventory and data mapping (rule 16 and 26(f)
    conference and pre-collection identification)
  • Guidance on "duty to preserve" and avoiding pre-collection
    spoliation issues
  • Ongoing Policy Development

Rule 26(f) Meet & Confer Consulting

  • Attorney check list for meet and confer
  • Preservation practices
  • What is being done to preserve ESI? Is a protective order necessary?
  • Scope of discovery
  • Will there be any deviations from the default initial disclosures specified in rule 26(a)?
  • What file types and time range is the opposing party seeking?
  • Who are the main data custodians the opposing party is interested in?
  • What will be the timing for exchanging discoverable ESI?
  • Accessibility
  • What type of data is the opposing party interested in?
  • Backup tapes? Hard drives? Servers? Removable media? Deleted data?
  • How easy will it be to access this data?
  • Will the use of an e-evidence expert be necessary?
  • Production of metadata
  • What fields will be exchanged for the various file formats?
  • Costs & Burdens implications of rule 26(b)(2)(B)
  • Who will bear the costs associated with gathering, restoring, and producing the ESI?
  • Forms of ESI production - rule 34(b)
  • In what format or formats will parties produce the ESI?
  • Privilege issues & waiver
  • How will parties handle inadvertently produced privileged documents?
  • Variations from FRCP rules
  • Are there any local rules that apply in the jurisdiction?
  • Inventory of opponent's IT infrastructure
  • Which operating systems and software packages were used to develop key data? Are those systems still in use?
  • What are the opponent's document retention policies?
  • Are they being enforced?
  • Is there any other information that may be important to the e-discovery activity in the case?

Our computer forensic company offers enterprise-wide Document Retention Policies, Records Retention Guidelines and Records Information Management (RIM), best solved by an internal multi-disciplined team with the assistance of outside computer forensic investigators and consultants.

We can also consult on the following company record retention areas:

  • electronic discovery forensics
  • record retention guidelines
  • records retention policies
  • retention of business records
  • email retention policy
  • document retention policy
  • electronic record retention
  • business record retention

CloudNine Discovery, through strategic alliances with nationwide computer forensic experts, provides computer forensic examination in Texas and all other major cities across the US.

Contact our computer forensic company today at 877-595-6464 or click here to discuss your Computer Forensic Investigation and Electronic Discovery Forensics Requirements and receive a recommendation of how we can help you and your team be successful.

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