Legal Document Coding Services - Bibliographic coding and indexing, logical document determinations

CloudNine Discovery is a provider of both domestic and offshore English and Foreign Language manual legal document coding services, as well as autocoding and automated indexing from images.

CloudNine Discovery provides document unitization, bibliographic coding and indexing services for litigation document management applications for both English and Foreign language documents. We are committed to delivering accurate results and satisfying the demands of our clients. Extensive training and experience of unitizers, coders, quality control and quality assurance personnel is reinforced on a project-by-project basis tailored to each client's demands.

Litigation Document Coding/Indexing Offshore Qualifications:

  • Our production centers are ISO 27001 certified, which is the highest security standard in terms of physical and virtual security.
  • Our business continuity sites are in 2 locations that are 700 miles apart, with internet connectivity on both the Atlantic and Pacific route (East coast & West coast).
  • We provide both US and offshore (India) based project management and24X7 support.
  • We average delivering over 60K documents a week from our facilities, without splitting projects.
  • Projects are never subcontracted between facilities, or split up once a project begins.

Years of Litigation Coding Experience:

Accurate coding design is just as critical to your case as accurate coding. Our coding staff will work with you to understand your case needs and potential changes. The resulting coding plan will provide you with the information you want and the flexibility to expand when your case requires it.

Document Coding Deliverables:

We are able to objectively and subjectively code both English and Foreign language documents. We are able to perform logical document determinations (LDD) as well as bibliographic coding of all standard fields. For foreign language documents we translate the coding to English during the indexing process.

Objective fields such as beginning/ending document number, document type, document date, attachment range, etc., can all be captured and processed into the load file needed to populate your database. Summation, Concordance and Ringtail are just a few of the database programs that we support.

We maintain a high degree of accuracy and timely delivery of projects for our clients through our project management process.

Standard Bibliographic Coding Fields:

  • Beginning Bates Number
  • Ending Bates Number
  • Date
  • Author
  • Recipient
  • Carbon Copy
  • Blind Carbon Copy
  • Document Type
  • Document Title (or Verbatim Re Line)

Autocoding of Legal and Litigation Documents:

Demand for high speed autocoding and automated indexing of litigation documents has been growing in popularity. With improved software technology and increases in computer processing power, autocoding has become a realistic way to reduce costs for certain populations of documnts early in the review process. Autocoding is not a replacement for manual coding, but for large populations of litigation documents it can be a cost effective tool during initial review. Many clients combine autocoding with manual bibliographic coding for a way to inexpensively capture names mentioned along with keywords.

Autocoding is similar to OCR in that it is not 100% accurate. The accuracy depends on the quality of the original documents and the quality of the images. Autocoding is very effective in capturing the following fields: document date(s), document type, author, recipient, names mentioned and keyword identification. If you have a large population of documents and would like us to run a sample, please contact our office at 713-462-6464

Free Coding Sample Offer:

Contact us today for a free legal coding sample & quote.  We will provide a free coding sample for any project.  Please contact us to discuss a free sample.

FREE No-Risk Trial Offers

For more information on any of our legal coding services, or to speak with an eDiscovery expert, please contact us at 713-462-6464, or complete our contact form.


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