Software Tools for eDiscovery Review

Benefits of using our SaaS eDiscovery Software Platform:

  • Do It Yourself tools: SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) eDiscovery software features such as loading your own data with CloudNine Discovery, adding your own users, adding your own fields, setting user rights
  • Start reviewing in minutes, with automated processing of your data for eDiscovery and internal investigations review
  • Simplified Pricing with no software to buy, no licensing fees and no user fees
  • Easy to Use, intuitive interface requiring minimal or no training
  • Secure Software & Cloud Hosting with multiple layers of security including Tier IV Data Center
  • FREE No-Risk SaaS eDiscovery Software Trial
Video of OnDemand eDiscovery Software tool
Watch this short video to see the CloudNine ediscovery software tools in action

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FREE Trial – Up to 100 GBs of Free Native Processing, Loading and Hosting for 30 Days, on your first set of eDiscovery data when hosting in CloudNine’s eDiscovery software.

Call or email us to try our SaaS eDiscovery software tools for free* with your own documents. You can upload and process your first set of data for native review and load it for free.  (*Setup and load fees waived on up to one hundred (100) GB of data for first-time users, on first data load.  Some restrictions apply.) Also receive 30 days of free hosting while you try out CloudNine.  We will coordinate with you on getting your data loaded and/or train you to load your own data using our Discovery Client.

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Video of OnDemand eDiscovery Software tool

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Setup a Free Account or Try a self guided live demo of CloudNine eDiscovery review platform!  Great for internal investigations and document review.



Simplify Your Review™: Worry-Free SaaS eDiscovery Made Easy Through Innovative Technology

OnDemand® eDiscovery review platform is offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). There are no up-front licensing fees; instead our pricing is based on a simple per gigabyte (GB) processing and/or hosting fee. Cloud hosting benefits include:

  • On Demand Tools: Scalable, application and data hosting, fully managed 24x7x365 by hosting experts.
  • Managed Dedicated Cloud Storage: The scalability of the Cloud combined with the security and control of a fully dedicated, managed environment.
  • Managed Cloud Hosting: Put down the hardware, get out of the data center and take a step up from traditional “colos” so you can focus on running your business.
  • Managed Servers: Looking for the computing power of a dedicated or cloud server combined with the best support and SLAs in the industry?
  • Managed Solutions: Take the hardware out of your hands without taking the flexibility, customization and application access you need day-to-day to do what you do best.

Buyer’s Guide for Online Document Review Tools

Learn about the 11 most important features to look for when choosing an online review tool and legal web repository solution. Don’t have time to read a long-winded report? Good because we fit it all on one page. In fact, it makes for an excellent checklist. Click here for a copy of the SaaS eDiscovery review software platform report

Watch A Recorded 12 Minute Webinar Demonstrating CloudNine’s Easy-To-Use Features And Benefits!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Worry-Free SaaS eDiscovery Software Platform with Dedicated Cloud Hosting

1. Your Own Team of eDiscovery Experts

When you turn to a managed hosting solution, it’s as though you suddenly have an entire staff of experts working for you-serving as an extension of your IT department and allowing your in-house team to focus on the other critical aspects of your infrastructure.

2. Cutting-Edge eDiscovery Technology

Since managed hosting providers focus on their specific area of expertise, they can stay on top of the latest advances in their industry. They also have the resources to implement and maintain a variety of technologies to deliver the best in hosted applications.

3. Reliable Access

Managed hosting providers are committed to providing a reliable uptime. They know that if servers go down, your productivity is down and you lose revenue. They must keep you satisfied, or risk losing your business.

4. No Setup or Maintenance

When you turn to a managed hosting solution, you immediately have a fully equipped, top-of-the-line system that will be continually updated and maintained. This saves you thousands of dollars in server hardware, software, upgrades, and the expertise to run it all.

5. Seamless Scalability

When your company grows, your infrastructure must also grow even faster. Since managed hosting providers have extensive hardware and software resources, they can scale smoothly and easily. Cloud hosting, in particular, is especially designed for scalability-since you use only the infrastructure resources you need.

6. Automatic Backups & Easy Data Recovery

Managed hosting providers know that you have entrusted them with your invaluable data-so they design their systems to protect that data. They have the resources to implement exhaustive backup and data recovery systems.

7. Security During Cloud Storage & Transmission

Businesses can spend thousands of dollars to protect their data-or they can save thousands by turning to a cloud hosted system. Cloud hosting companies integrate extensive security measures to protect your data from physical threats-such as theft, overheating, power outages, and fire-as well as technical threats from hackers or prying eyes.

8. Automatic Software Upgrades

When you choose managed cloud hosting, you don’t need to worry about downloading and installing software upgrades or security patches. Your system will always be up-to-date.

9. Database Access Anywhere

With managed cloud hosting, you benefit from having a wide range of data access options. This flexibility helps your employees to be more productive, compared to employees who are limited to using only a specific computer or specific software.

10. Cost Control

When you choose eDiscovery managed hosting you avoid buying servers, security devices, network equipment and leasing data center space, and avoid the cost in time and people that will be responsible for it all. Very rarely do the numbers add up in favor of doing it yourself. Getting out the calculator as a first step is good advice.


For an eDiscovery software tools comparison of in-house, collocation and CloudNine’s SaaS eDiscovery software platform, click here.



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